Create Your Own Info Product

Our website startup coaching program will provide you with the tools, resources and hands-on-training you need to create, market and generate income from your own information product or membership website.

Unlike most courses and training programs that overload you with tons of information at once; we drill down and teach you the essentials you need in weekly training modules, which are then followed up with weekly training calls or webinars to ensure you understand and grasp the principles taught…

With unemployment at an all-time high, and companies downsizing employees daily, the risk of you not getting your business to work and generate income can come back to haunt you sooner than later.

Depending on your employer to provide for you and your family can be disastrous.

The jobs, the healthcare, the 401k’s and the income you depended on before are no longer a safe alternative for you and your family.

You MUST rely on yourself, your skill sets, and your talents if you expect to have any sense of security.

The Internet allows you the opportunity to get your products and services out to the masses on a local, regional and even global level. And right NOW is the time to take your knowledge, expertise, talents or skills and position yourself as an authority in your niche…

Membership Site Owners and Information Product Creators Like Our Client Ken Compton are Using Their Experiences and Knowledge to Teach Others…

And in the process, they’re earning a full and/or part-time living… They’re providing for their families… And they’re creating jobs and helping others get ahead.

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UPDATE: Ken just e-mailed to inform me that his website has cracked the $1 million sales mark. He’s been at it for four years now and shows no sign of slowing down. As the owner of an multi-inspection firm that inspected thousands of homes each year, Ken took his knowledge and packaged it up into a membership website where he teaches other home inspectors how to market and grow their home inspection business.

They pay him $79 each month to access the membership portion of his website where they get access to training materials and tutorials designed to help them build a profitable biz.

In addition to that, he also hosts a yearly workshop where these inspectors fly from all over the country to attend a 3-5 day workshop to learn more advanced skills.

No Website Design Experience Required!

Don’t know the first thing about designing your own website? Baffled by how websites work? Don’t know how to drive targeted traffic to your website? Good. Then our “Website Startup Coaching” program is right for you.

We’ll explain everything you need to know in plain English…without any of the fancy techno-jargon!

We’ll show you step by step how to put your own website together. We’ll show you how to link the membership scripts together so you can generate recurring income from your knowledge.

If you opt to go the eBook route, we’ll show you how to protect the eBook so the ‘searching’ public can’t download it without paying for it…

Below is a list of everything you’ll learn when you join our Coaching Program.

Planning the Development of Your Website

Don’t take this part for granted… Planning the development of your website will be one of the most important components in creating a successful and profitable website. Knowing the purpose of your website will later help you build a more powerful online marketing system.

Getting Inside Your Prospects / Visitors Head

Motivating your visitors and prospects to take action once they land on your website is easy once you understand their needs, wants and desires. What you’ll learn in this section will also apply to the way you market and advertise your info-product/membership website.

What to Put on Your Website Pages

In addition to content, we’ll show you other things you can add to your website to help bump up conversion rates, increase site stickiness, get people coming back and much more.

Securing Your Domain Name and Web Host

It’s quite possible to purchase domain names that already have traffic, page rank, in-bound links and great positioning in the search engines… Make sure you at least watch the first module even if you already have a domain name picked out for your website!

Designing Your Website

There are a variety of tools and resources available to build the website you want… In this section, I’ll share with you my preferred way of building and designing a website that will sell your products and/or services like crazy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Following the guidelines outlined in this section will help search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN find, index and rank your website. We’ll also outline some of the ‘black hat’ practices that may lead to your website being removed from search engines as well.

Marketing, Advertising & Driving Traffic

A website is absolutely useless if there is no traffic. In this portion of the training, we’ll teach and show you the various ways of driving targeted traffic to your websites using a combination of both online and offline marketing and advertising strategies!

Membership Has it’s Privileges…

The Website Startup Coach website is a private, members-only resource for those wanting to not only build a website, but also build a solid information product business model. Our online coaching program and training was built for both the newcomer just getting started, and for those with some experience wanting to learn more to grow their business.

Everything on the website is taught in a step-by-step, easy-to-understand format… No fancy terms and big words used here!

In a recent survey conducted, 43% of the survey respondents stated that making their first dollar online was their biggest problem. They couldn’t figure out how to build a website that actually converted visitors into paying customers. They didn’t know how to bring targeted and qualified prospects to their website. They didn’t understand marketing and how it worked.

Website Startup Coach is jam-packed with a collection of valuable and easy-to-use resources designed to help you build a solid online business model.

In Addition to What You’ll Learn Above, Your Membership Also Includes

  • Member Call-In Day Twice a Month where you can talk to the “Coach” one-on-one about your situation on the telephone
  • Discussion Forum moderated by Coach Cartess Ross and our contributors & advisers
  • State-of-the-art multimedia, skill-building online seminars
  • Free Access to LIVE, regularly scheduled teleseminars/webinars on special topics
  • And a whole lot more…

Do Something Different This Year and Get Different Results!

If you are wanting to create your own information product and make money, Website Start-up Coach is for you. Website Start-up Coach provides you access to a wealth of tools, tutorials, strategies, advice and information about starting and building a success information product business.

Today is the day you can start your very own business and I’ll show you how! The training system I’ve put together is a step-by-step system that’ll teach you everything you need to know about creating and marketing your info-product!

Info Product Coaching

No Contracts & You Can Cancel Anytime… But You Won’t!

I only make money if you make money… I don’t make money by charging you $395 once or twice… I make money when you stay with me and grow over the years… Just like my client Ken whose been with me nearly 5 years!

Remember… You’re getting a lot.

  • You’ll be consulting with me over the phone a couple times a month… Unlike many coaching programs, you don’t talk with anyone. It’s 100% web based. I want to help you solve your challenges and the only way that happens is if we’re talking.
  • You’ll also be creating yourself an entire marketing system and website — these new skillsets you’ll learn will allow you to instantly throw up websites and add new information products at your leisure.
  • You’ll be creating your own product. I want to help you take what you know and craft it into a marketing product that you create once and sell over and over again.

If you’re making money, $395.00 is a drop in the bucket… If you don’t make money, you’ll drop out of the program and nobody wins… I have your best interest at heart.

Get started today… After you sign-up, you’ll be sent a welcome message within 24 hours (sooner than that most likely), with your login information so you’re able to access the members only area for your training.